A mainstay on the scene, Kubernetes is commemorated for bringing container orchestration to the silver screen, launching a cavalcade of reboots and cheap knockoffs. Replicated is proud to co-star alongside Kubernetes in all of their newest endeavors.
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This star is known for topping the charts! Often seen strutting down Hollywood Boulevard as the cameras flash, HELM is getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Replicated has been spotted with HELM at some of the hottest LA hotspots recently.
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The newest young star of the CNCF, Schemahero is one smooth operator! Their new smash hit, "Declare Schemas With A Vengeance," is currently #1 on every critics "must-see" list. Replicated is glad to have been working with Schemahero since their youngest days.
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The Gatekeeper to all the best places, this is one star to know. Have you learned how to rego yet?
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This OG star is sought after by all the paparazzi. If you want to know what's going on in Kubernetesland, find Prometheus and you'll discover it all.
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This star is known for their well-deserved, deep connections to everyone else in Kubernetesland. If you need to be discovered, check out Linkerd.
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The Kevin Bacon of Kubernetesland. Chances are that all other stars are no more than 6 degrees away from etcd.
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One of the secret ingredients to many of the most popular ensambles, deploy this bad boy in your cluster for a Lyft!
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If you’re looking for an authentic signature that is sure to rise in value like all those funky NFTs, look no further than Notary.
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Talk to this star to get connected to many of the best services in the biz.
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This star spends a lot of time looking inward and they know how anything happening in Kubernetesland affects everyone else.
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Look, we all know that this star is a mainstay and holding up many others, but does anyone really get them? We know they are good, but we don’t really understand how.
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The scribe of Kubernetesland, keeping the records of everything that’s happening.
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